10 October 2009

YGI: You'll Recognize Stephen Youll

Stephen Youll's name may not ring a bell. But odds are there's at least one book on your shelf sporting cover art painted by the forty-four year old Hartlepool, England native.
While I was initially drawn to Stephen's Knight-Fall (Batman, left) and The Death and Life of Superman (right), his main love and professional focus lies in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. Since 1987 when he was first discovered at the World Science Fiction Convention, Youll's been providing artwork to nearly every publishing house in the field.
Among his clients are Warner Books, Bantam, DC Comics, Penguin Books, and the IBM Corporation. He's also worked directly for many of sci-fi and fantasy's most notable authors including Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova, Kevin J. Anderson, Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis, and George R.R. Martin. Youll was also commissioned to provide artwork for an entire repackaging of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, Robot, and Empire series. Most recently, Stephen Youll's painted covers have decorated six of the best-selling Star Wars novelizations, including Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, the best selling science fiction anthology of all-time.
I've got a great piece from Stephen Youll's Foundation commissions to share with you in an upcoming blow. If you enjoyed Asimov's Foundation trilogy half as much as I did, then you'll want to keep your eyes peeled. But until I'm able to post that news, I've included two of my favorites Youll pieces here, for your graphic imagination. Featuring the American inventor Benjamin Franklin (left) is An Experiment with Gravity, and just below, Dark Sky Legion. For an entire gallery of Stephen Youll's artwork, click right... here!
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