16 October 2009

What's Your Vintage Comics Stuff? (We want to know!)

I'm a sucker for vintage stuff.
But please understand: Vintage isn't my bag because it's in-style (Heroes' Horned-Rim Glasses pulls them off better than I ever could). Vintage isn't my thing because I dance a good Austin Powers. Nope. I get down with Vintage because it's an anachronistic mindfuck, a groovy timewarp of past meeting present.
Comic Book Vintage is what lies in the Collector's Realm. It's pricey, early-roots rarities of the Golden and Silver Ages, when comics weren't a "Marvel" but "Timely" and Superman's rocket only recently crashed. Comics Vintage, to me anyway, is also wax nostalgia.
It's all the Good Stuff from back in the Day when I was a lucky, foolish kid. It's over-size Marvel and DC Treasury Editions, Spider-Copters by Corgi, and Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes. And those are just a few of my former take-for-granted's that I'd give a good kidney this very moment. Yesterday's clutter became today's collectible -- not to mention the bankroll of so many eBay extortionists.
Abbracadabblers, I know I'm far from alone when it comes to loving vintage comics stuff. So your comicsblog's gotta ask: What gets you waxing nostalgic or wishing Mom never tossed into the trash? Are you a Silver Age Kirby collector or an All-Star aficionado?
Vintage Comics Stuff would love to hear about the stuff from back in your day that still pulls a heart string. Whether you miss it, sell it, or collect it, we want you to share it. If you can snap a photo, even better.
Drop us a Back Issue or e-mail the 'Dabbler at presentmagiccomics@gmail.com and I'll post the best here on the blog. In the meantime, I'll share the best of my past with you. Vintage Comics Stuff always makes for great present magic.

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