16 October 2009

Not Just Anything By Grant Morrison

As a student of comics writing, I'm frequently asked which comic books are my favorite. Almost as often, people are curious which comics have influenced my writing.
Those can be a tough questions; I enjoy many different comics and most of them for different reasons. Not to mention that every comic book teaches its own unique lesson -- even if it's "what not to do" rather than a "how-to" you can take to the bank.
Comic books I read for entertainment are usually not the same titles I'd put on my Ten Best list. And the comic books I've found influential to my writing aren't always entertaining or the cream of anyone's crop.
A casual "anything by Grant Morrison" could answer both questions, but it'd be the easy way out. Instead, I thought a visual response would be more appropriate. Being specific counts, and I hope you'll find the first of my comic cover collages a satisfactory reply.
Two of Grant's books -- Flex Mentallo and The Invisibles -- do show up, but the company they keep isn't as well-known as some would expect. You'll also notice I haven't specified which books rank among my favorites, which served as influences, or both.
For tonight's LongBox Short, some secrets are better left unsaid.

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