02 October 2009

YGI: Green Arrow Is Older Than Me

After catching tonight's episode of Smallville, I realized that I've been a bad abbracadabbler by not blogging one word about that show. Grant (Grant Morrison, my patron saint and personal hero) knows I've got plenty to say about Tom Welling and Company. And believe me, I will.
I like several of the characters on Smallville, but my favorite is Justin Hartley's Green Arrow. I've been a fan of DC Comic's 'Emerald Archer' for a long time, ever since his first (and only) appearance in the "Gulliver's Gigantic Goof" episode of Filmation's Super Friends cartoon way back when in 1973.
Damn! Damn! I'm old...enough to have seen the show in re-runs, that is.
In any case, Smallville's producers didn't include Mr. Arrow in tonight's story. But given my long friendship with the guy, I thought it only right to make up for their gross oversight. Straight from the abbracadabbling archives, it's classic Green Arrow for your graphic imagination.
Green Arrow 's creators: Mort Weisinger & George Papp
More Fun Comics #73 (1941)
Green Arrow, Speedy his sidekick,
and Aquaman debut
Green Arrow's Origin: More Fun #89 (1943)
Green Arrow & Speedy in the seldom-seen Arrow Cave (1952)
Green Lantern #85 (1971)
One of the most controversial &
powerful comic book covers -- ever.
Speedy is discovered as a heroin addict
and Green Lantern is outed as an asshole.
By Denny O'Neil & Neil Adams.
Two years after Speedy shoots up, Green Arrow makes his
first and final cameo with his Super Friends (1973)
Hanna-Barbera Studios' Green Arrow character sheet
Green Arrow uses "The Speedy Method"
DC SuperHeroes Super-Healthy Cook Book
Green Arrow eats crow
and tykes eat pie for Hostess's
"Arrow in Time"
Oliver Queen reveals his 13-inches for
DC Direct's Deluxe Green Arrow (2008)
We'll see more of Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, Speedy, and Justin Hartley in the "Big Smallville Blog" appearing soon on abbracadabbling: the comics blog!
While you're waiting, pull up a chair and watch my favorite episode of the Super Friends starring Green Arrow! You'll find it right here.
Their mission: To fight injustice, right that
which is wrong, and serve all Mankind.

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