11 October 2009

Media Idea: Family Guy Meets Super Friends

Family Guy's eighth season kicked off its second episode last Sunday night (04 October 09) on FOX with a parody opening of the Super Friends that was right on.
Seth McFarlane didn't miss a beat with this episode. He and the show's animators recreated every shot of the opening sequence perfectly, right down to the smallest detail. Even the voice-over narration was identical, and with just one small exception that made the credit sequence uniquely Family Guy, the end result is a fifty-four second gem of a treat.
As any fan of the 1973 Super Friends cartoon knows -- especially those of us who sat in our pajamas every Saturday morning with our little eyes glued to the RCA -- it's the beginning of the show that makes it classic.
For a great Sunday night Media Idea, encourage everyone you know who hasn't seen the episode to pull it up on their TiVo or DVR, or just hit the internet and watch the show's opening online.
I was able to find just the opening sequence on You Tube, which you can see right here. And if you've got a little extra time to spend with the Peter, Stewie and crew, click on over to Hulu.com, where you'll find the episode in its entirety right here.
Did you love last week's Family Guy as much as 'Dabbler did? Get down to our Back Issues and let us know!

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