03 January 2010

Demon Lamp Is Happy Bright

Our repressed fetish for unusually curious desk lamps has resurfaced for the New Year. We were Ctrl freaks on Saturday, and now twenty-fours later, we've graduated to little red devils. Actually, make that demons.  The DEMON LAMP is one of comics illustrator Jamie Hewlett's most awesomest (yes it's a word - now) new creations. If you don't know Hewlett, and if you aren't aware he was named Graphic Artist of The Year in 2006, you've still probably met  Tank Girl.  (She's his most popular creation, a true post-Reagan child of the 80's, and the chick that got him farther into comics than he probably wanted to go.)  Hewlett's also the guy behind the virtual band (virtual....hmmm, wasn't somebody just talking about virtual?) you'd swear was real except that they're virtual - Gorillaz.  They remix songs, for cryin' out loud. We can't do that, and we're 3-D! Before we or any of you start to feel even a bit inferior, it's worth mentioning that none of the Gorillaz can become the proud owner of a DEMON LAMP -- and we can.  Sounds fair to us, and you can go shopping HERE.

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