02 January 2010

LEGO My Mouse and Take CTRL

When I'm on the laptop, using a mouse rather than the computer's touchpad is my modus operandi.  I've always found touchpad's to be too imprecise and, for my money, they're either too sensitive or so stubborn.  I don't foresee laptop design eliminating them anytime soon, either; of course, I also haven't met anyone who actually prefers them over, well, any other available option. 

Desktops, a whole 'nother story.  A good mouse is an absolute necessity; a great mouse is also an accessory.  It's not just function; it's fashion.  

Arguable points at first, perhaps, but inevitably, the truth of our statement will creep upon you.  It happened to us, and still in the thralls of our current love of Legos, blogging the Red Brick Lego Mouse  was a  no-brainer.  

For a Lego block, this baby's gigantic.  It measures 3.7 inches by 1.2 inches by 2.1 inches, and features an 800 DPI sensor, scroll wheel,  and left and right mouse buttons as well as a USB connection.  And thanks to that connection, Lego Mouse hooks up to any desktop or laptop, PC or Mac.  Yes, it's an over-sized Lego block compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. 

Legos are proving quite resourceful lately, and the existence of the
Lego Mouse isn't just cool, it's a sign for us all to read: The Lego Renaissance is dawning, and we are its witnesses.  If you'd like to build the appeal of your home office or dot-com start-up (do they still exist?) with  the Red Brick Lego Mouse, they're available for $31.96 from Curiosite

But why stop there, right? If the Lego Mouse makes you feel like you're shrinking while one of your kiddie toys got a thyroid condition, then these computer-friendly Control Key Lamps will really bring you down-to-size.  Our experience is computers are more controlling than friendly, and this desklamp duo gives form to that irony, which is reason enough for us to order a set right now.

These giant keyboard key lamps can be turned on and off by simply pressing down on them.  Each lamp measures 6x5x3 inches and weighs less than one-half pound each.  Better yet, they're available in yellow or white (as per our picture), and both Ctrl and Shift key lamps are available and sold separately.  Clever, but selling the lamps in a  three-set with Ctrl+Alt+Delete would've been even more clever.  At least we think so, but we didn't make 'em and we don't sell 'em.  Gadget4all does, and you can take Ctrl for $19.90 each at their online store HERE.

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