02 January 2010

Winter One-derland Comics Blog Giveaway! BOOM Studio's WALT DISNEY COMICS #699 - The Final One-der!

Happy New Year, abbracadabblers!  What a year that last one was, yeah? We'll always remember 2009 as our Relocation Year, just like we'll be doing 365 days from now when we dub 2010 as The Year We  Went Back!  The past twelve months have come and gone  faster than an eighth-grader reading Vampirella, and our very first Winter One-derland has done much the same. We've had fantastic response from comics fans and from folks who've never read a comic book in their life -- but thanks to our Comics Giveaway, they'll have their chance.  

Winter One-derland 2009 ends with today's Issue Number One Comics Giveaway.  As most of you know, your favorite comicsblog has been challenging its intrepid abbracadabblers every Monday and Friday since early December, and the first day of the New Year couldn't be a better day to pack up, knowing we'll be back for a visit when it's Christmastime once again.   But before we go, we still have one more comic to give away.  That's right, one clever dabbler will get a late stocking stuffer on us! And as always, that comic will be a  Brand New, completely Near-Mint Number One issue from a recent comic book series! abbracadabbling's Mission is to get a comic book into the hands of all of our readers that haven't ever read one before --  because, deep down, we want  their friends to make fun of them.

Kidding!!! (Did we get ya??)  But we're not kidding about what you've got to do if you want to win today's Giveaway -- and that's to  send an e-mail to using the address down at the bottom of this blog. That's all there is to it! Of course, your email has to contain the correct answer to our I WONDER?  We're going pretty easy on you with Final One-der,  but a little elbow grease, ingenuity, and a good browser remain as helpful as ever. Once you've figured out our I WONDER? and you're convinced your answer is what we're looking for, email it in.  The first dabbler who gets their right answer to us WINS the Number One Comic Book. Be sure  to include your mailing address, too -- we have to be able to send you the fruits of your labor. As always, comic book mailing expenses will be covered by the Springfield Home Office, natch!  And now, it's time to take one last stroll through Winter One-derland for the Final One-der Challenge!! 

Boom Studios  acquired the rights to publish comics based on many of Disney's Pixar characters like The Incredibles and Cars, about a year back. More recently, Boom gained approval for comics featuring Disney's own crew. The publisher launched the first of their new Disney line last fall, and while the comics are true Number One issues, Boom continued with Disney's original numbering from the last time the titles were in print.  Walt Disney Comics Issue #699 - the very first Boom Studios issue -- is up for grabs tonight, dabblers, and it's a real treat. A great story in its own right -- not to mention a bona-fide collector's item, especially if you're a Disney fan.  And collectors, this issue has already gone to a second printing; the first printing sold-out as soon as the comic hit the shelves!  Walt Disney Comics Issue #699 is written by Giorgio Salatiamy and Riccardo Sacchi, with art by Ettore Gula, Roberta Micheli and Stefano Turconi.  Good Luck!!

Not too hard, is it? Longtime dabblers have a great chance at nailing this right away; our newer peeps and all of our welcome visitors may have to do some scanning. But the good news is, the answer is here on abbracadabbling -- no internet surfing necessary!  And once more, here's our Final One-der Number One Issue Giveaway:

You'll need our handy email addy if you want to win    , and we've got it just below. While you're at it, add us to your own email's address book and pass it  - and our comicsblog URL -- along to ten of your best friends! All your buddies will have a great year learning how to abbracadabble -- and they'll have you to thank!

Abbracadabbling would like to say thanks to Marvel Comics, DC Comics Vertigo, Boom Studios, Image Comics, New England Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Radical Publishing, and IDW Publishing for making our first Comics Giveaway such an amazing success and so much fun for everyone.  Winter One-derland will return December 2010 with new challenges, new comics, and new Nome Office,  Until then, stay warm, and stay wonderful.

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