03 January 2010

Spacesick: I Can Read Movies...Can You?

Who wouldn't think they're the luckiest person on earth if they found these amazing paperbacks hidden in a dark and dusty corner of a second-hand bookshop?   Well, not us -- because if we did, it could only mean the doctor missed a brain tumor during our last physical.  These super-cool semblances of movie adaptations aren't books; they're just a few of graphic designer Spacesick's I Can Read Movies poster series.

We think they've got that minimalistic vibe going on, too -- but Spacesick kicks it up a notch. The results are hyper-real, whatever that means, but it sounds about right to us. How else can you explain the post-mod pastels and vintage iconography rendered like the cover of a 1961 Tony Burgess novel?  Yeah, we didn't think so! Plenty more of the hyper-real on Spacesick's Flickr HERE.

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