03 January 2010

Abbracadabbling Auctions: DC Universe Classics Action Figures on EBay Now!

You probably recall that not too long ago, abbracadabbling was assaulted by a nasty virus and that we had to take some time away from the blog.  We also said we'd been busy on other fronts during that time, and we think the best of them was founding the Present Magic Comics Shop on  eBay

Our  Shop's daily Mission is identical to abbracadabbling's -- to get a comic book into the hands of every potential reader we can find.  For that  Mission to succeed on eBay, we strive to offer members what they need and want: quality comic books in top condition at a great price, along with  the  best customer service possible.  (And not to brag, dabblers, but folks seem pretty darn pleased with us so far!)

Oddly coinciding with The Dabbler's recent decision to begin a collection of his own,  we've also added a few  action figures from Mattel's  DC Universe Classics line to the PM Comics Shop.  Considering how difficult these heroes are to find - and the astronomical asking prices if you do  - we thought some of our daily dabblers might appreciate a head's up. 

Among our DC Universe Classics auctions currently underway, our favorite two include the double-auction of Wave 8 action figures Mister Terrific and Commander Steel, and the individual auction for  the Wave 9 Black Adam action figure.  Each figure is brand new with accessories, and is sold out of its original packaging (loose).  If you're a collector, you won't find a better deal on eBay- guaranteed.

We've got links to our 
DC Universe Classics auctions  - and all our other items up for eBagrabs - after the jump.  Remember, all proceeds from the PM Comics Shop go toward the maintenance of the comicsblog.    And what better reason to go shopping is there?  Our minds go blank.

eBay Auction Linkage:
  • DCUC Mister Terrific and Commander Steel [link]
  • DCUC Black Adam [link]
  • Present Magic Comics Shop [link]
Other Helpful Linkage:
  • DC Universe Classics Information [link]
  • eBay [link]

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