17 December 2009

Alan Moore Should Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons

Last night's comicsblog debut of The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman had everyone talking about serious superheroes around the Home Office water cooler this morning. Any discussion by enlightened individuals about 'serious' and 'superheroes' will, sooner than later, involve Watchmen. Ours did, but then again, we also had a good laugh over Tiny Titans. Hmmm...
Back in 1987, when Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons wrapped up their original twelve issue Watchmen series at DC, the comics industry didn't really know just how serious superheroes could be, at least without losing the traditional characteristics that made them heroes in the first place. Moore and Gibbons changed that way of thinking, and opened the doors to storytelling possibilities that have since become the standard. And while most of them don't reach Moore's complexity or inverted heroism -- aspects that Zack Snyder captured so well with his Watchmen adaptation and which we believe may be the reasons some viewers found the film difficult -- comic book storylines, the heroes and villains and their worlds at large, are darker, grittier, and far more visceral. [Need a big-screen Watchmen refresher? Movie trailers and more can be found here. -- Courteous 'Dabbler]
You betcha, Alan Moore is as serious a fellow as his work might lead you to believe. Just how serious is a topic rich enough for a blog of its own (that gives us an idea!), but the short answer would be too serious. But pull past his thickly out-of-of-control beard and the fact that he worships an ancient Roman snake deity, take Lost Girls only at face value while considering many of his problems with Hollywood and the adaptations of his comics stem not from their quality but his own naivety, and what you have, dabblers, is a little boy. Really, it's true. Alan Moore's a little boy deep-down, one who quite respectably found his genius in comic books.
So when the Home Office's faithful neighbor Raley laughed and snorted about how funny it would've been if Zack Snyder's Watchmen interpretation ended up being a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon full of pizza, pastels, and a talking pink Bubastis, I nearly s%@! myself!
You will, too, when you get a peek at Happy Harry's inspired and frakkin' hilarious satire, Saturday Morning Watchmen. He skillfully twists so many of Watchmen's darkest moments and themes into campy and cuddly kiddie-fare so brilliant even Moore would have to laugh. We all know he could use a good one. Alan, check this out, buddy. Happy Harry's 'toon is serious superhero slapstick at its finest, your Saturday mornings will never be the same.
Was Saturday Morning Watchmen just too funny, or did it take up too-much space on the comicsblog? Are we being unfair to Sir Alan Moore, or have we been way too gentle? (We'll always be respectful, but talent's just part of the picture.) Abbracadabbling wants you - our dabblers and faithful comicsblog followers - to be a BIG part of our picture. So get talking and get involved!! Leave us your Back Issues today!!

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