31 December 2009

Coming Attractions: DAYBREAKERS

We didn't include Michael Spierig's Daybreakers in our list of 2010 Comic Book Movies, but given the current vampire hysteria among comics fans and non-comics fans alike, maybe we should have. Not to mention that the film stars one of our longtime favorite actors, Ethan Hawke, as well as former the Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe.   According to Hawke, Daybreakers works as an allegory of man's pacing with natural resources - the quest for alternative energy sources, for example. In the movie's case, the natural resources are humans, who have become greatly outnumbered by the earth's new dominant species, vampires. Hawke plays one of a small group of rebel vampires, who want to forgo their bloodsucking ways and return to their former, all-human condition. 

The movie looks fun, if not just a bit scary, and it fits right in with the half-dozen or so other apocalyptic films hitting the box office early next year. All that aside, Hawke's also called Daybreakers "low art" and "completely unpretentious and silly."  In other words, the movie doesn't go to lengths to take itself seriously -- and if you had a chance to see the movie's TV spot, a PSA informing all vampires to turn in humans they find for the continued survival of all -- you'd understand perfectly what he means.

Maybe it's a matinee, maybe we'll wait for the DVD.  Unlike Twilight: New Moon, Daybreakers is one vampire flick we are going to see.  We're just not sure when.  Daybreakers opens nationwide next weekend, on January 8th, 2010.  [More information and the film's trailer can be found on its website HERE.]

That's it for abbracadabbling's Coming Attractions in 2009. We'll be back with more of what's Coming next year!!

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