31 December 2009

Marvel-ous Day: Joe Quesada, EIC

We came across this swanky photo of Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada  on Seth Kusher's blog, Seth Kushner News.  Kushner's a Brooklyn-based photographer as well as the co-author of the Act-i-Vate web comics collective series, Schmuck. Kushner's specialty, though, is his photography -- his blog's teeming with professional, candid snapshots of celebrities - most recently of actor Patrick Stewart and British musician Moby, among others -- as well as many of the comic book industry's  high profile creators. 

Kushner photographed Marvel's Quesada in late November for a short piece in L'Uomo Vogue Magazine.  Quesada, a comics artist himself, became Marvel's EIC a decade ago when former-EIC Bill Jemas succeeded to the presidency of the company in 2000.  Among his credits of the last ten years, Quesada's been instrumental with the expansion of  Marvel's comic book offerings to include its Ultimate Universe line, and his creative involvement with Marvel Studios contributed greatly to the ascendancy of its  superhero film properties. Add to those cap-feathers Marvel's many new licensing deals, from toys and action figures to home furnishings and sports footwear, and Quesada's mark on the Marvel Universe has been nothing short of  Galactus-sized.

Nevertheless, all those accomplishments may pale in comparison to today's game-changing news.  That's why we kinda figured that today would be the ideal time for us to post Mr. Quesada's fashionable foto.  December 31st, 2009, is surely going to be remembered as one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- wins for the Marvel Chief.   As to why, well, you'll have to stick around the comicsblog just a bit longer and find out.  Of course, you could also click over to CNN Money -- but we're a hell of a lot more fun, don't you think?

Seth Kushner's photography can be seen on his blog HERE as well as on his photography-only website HERE.  To see the rest of his photo-session with Joe Q, click right HERE.   Stay tuned, True Believers...!

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