21 December 2009

Winter One-derland Comics Blog Giveaway! MOON KNIGHT #1 It's All-About The Back Issues, Baby!

Welcome back, dabblers! We hope everybody had a fantastic weekend and put a few more dents into their Christmas shopping lists. Lots of shockers the past two days -- which you'd know if you ducked into your favorite comicsblog to catch up with all the fuss. We know many of you have, and for those who've been away for a few days, take a few minutes to peruse our weekend posts to catch up....right after you take a shot at today's Great Christmas Comic Book Giveaway!
We like to call it our Winter One-derland, because this is the Giveaway you've been hearing about. Every Monday and Friday from now through Friday, January 1st - New Year's Day - we'll be giving away oneBrand New, completely Near-Mint copy of a Number One issue from a recent comic book series!abbracadabbling's Mission is to get a comic book into all of our reader's hands, because we know that reading comics is magical. And besides that, it's just plain good for you.
Winter One-derland is the Christmas Giveaway that takes our Mission seriously. There's no better time to start reading comics than the present, and no better place to begin that reading than with the First Issue of a new comic book series, especially during the Holiday Season. So whether you're a longtime comics fan who visits their Local Comics Shop - or as we say in the biz, the LCS -- every Wednesday like clockwork or if you're a brand spankin' new comics newbie, Winter One-derland puts everyone on equal ground. All you've got to do to win the day's featured Number One Comic is send us an e-mail.
Of course, your email has to contain a correct answer to the day's comic book or super hero I WONDER?The questions we ask won't be easy, but no matter what your level of superhero know-how might be, a little elbow grease and good browser will be the absolute most work you'll have to do to find the right answer. When you've solved I WONDER? and you're convinced your answer's what we're looking for, just email it in. And the first dabbler who gets their right answer to us WINS the Number One Comic Bookon the blog that day. (Just remember to include your mailing address so we can get you your comic book to you. All expenses paid by your favorite comicsblog, natch!) That's it. That's all there is to it. And as the guy who gave Raley's dad a vasectomy said to him, Let's get crackin'!!
By the way, in case you don't already have our email addy stored in your G-Mail, we've stuck it down at the bottom of today's Winter One-derland blog. Everything else is pretty much self-explanatory, but you're welcome to ask us any of your questions -- or just tell us how very, very awesome we are -- by leaving us a Back Issue. Today's gonna be a breeze, guys. It's a visual snap, superhero style...
I WONDER? (December 21st, 2009)
Easy, right? You're going to love Imbong's illustration, too. He's another very talented amateur comics artist we ran into recently, but from the caliber of his style and all that great line work, we'll be reading his comics by this time next year. Thanks for the loan of Heroes and Villains, Imbong -- we appreciate it. (More of Imbong's artwork can be found at his Deviant Art page, right here). All right, dabblers, time for everybody to get ready and take a look...
That's the original. Our yellow-dotted one's below. Just 33 heroes and villains, guys and girls. Check 'em out and get their names into our inbox.
Because if you do, you'll be our next Winter One-derland winner, and we'll be sending you a Near Mint copy of Marvel Comics hot new title, The Vengeance of Moon Knight, Issue #1.
Since The Vengeance of Moon Knight first hit store shelves this September, the book's sold out twice and quickly became one of the most collectible new titles of 2009. Written by Gregg Hurwitz with art by Jerome Opena, reading this latest chapter in the life of Marvel's White Knight is sure to give you a few pointers in the finer points of revenge. For the Fist of Honshu, vengeance is a dish best served at night! When? At night! That's right, dabblers. Moon Knight's got a beef with Norman Osborne, and Dark Reign isn't over yet. Heads are gonna roll....!
If that's not a Christmas-y image, we don't know what is! And before we go, let's give another loud comicsblog shout-out to Marvel Comics for their help with today's awesome Near-Mint copy of The Vengeance of Moon Knight #1. Did we mention it's a First Printing? Because you can bet your Christmas cookies that it is! ! Good luck with your Heroes and Villains, folks. Ho, ho, ho...!

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