30 December 2009

Coming Attractions: Our 2010 Comic Book Movies Roster

For the past few weeks, abbracadabbling has been peppering the comicsblog wit  just a few of 2010's Coming Attractions.  Hollywood's been upping the ante every year, and the super-cool movies  marching into next year's box office promise to keep every comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy fan drooling until the cows come home.  Judging by the 23 movies on our official 'must see movie roster' for the New Year, those cows won't be getting back for quite a while.

We've highlighted 2010's comic book offerings in red, the sci-fi and fantasy in black, and scheduled release dates for all films fall just to the right.  Time to open up your Outlook and sync those iPods, dabblers - these 23 movies are not to be missed!

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