27 December 2009

Green Lantern:CORPS RECRUITMENT POSTERS (6-8/8) + 'Building The Blackest Night' News!

We really, really think the eight Corps Recruitment Posters we've had on the comicsblog  for the last week or so are killer.  Hell, they make us want to enlist!  A truly talented Green Lantern fan by the (code) name of 'heart-attack jack' is the dude responsible, and jack, if you're out there, we'd like to thank you for the wonderful creations -- they've really helped us sow the seeds of Blackest Night  on abbracadabbling
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If you cruise around the comics blogosphere at all, you've undoubtedly wondered why abbracadabbling's barely mentioned DC Comics' super-huge Blackest Night comics event -- especially when nearly every  other fanboy blog and comics news site can talk about nothing else! Okay, that's a slight exaggeration --- but just slight.   

Of course, that's our point right there. We've stayed out of the
Blackest Night racket for that every reason -- up until now, anyway.  We didn't intend to stay away from the Lantern fray forever. Time for us to make good on the hints we've been dropping almost since the day the blog went live.  Yes,  our long-anticipated report Building The Blackest Night is on it's way!  

While we'll be talking about DC Comics' reinvented Green Lantern universe, we'll also be examining the many creative, strategic, and promotional aspects of the Blackest Night  event -- from the crossover comic book storylines to DC's marketing and sales promotions and the impact they've had on the company's bottom line, to DC Direct's action figures and the many other ancillary products, to the greater implications  of the limited series and its 'big picture' problem-solving potential.  Last but not least, we'll take a look at the creative architect of the Blackest Night event, writer Geoff Johns, and we'll examine what this series means for him as well as says what it says about him  -- and comics writers in general.

Excited? You should be! We are (yikes!) Look for Building The Blackest Night just after the first of the New Year.  (Rather ambitious of us, if we do say so ourselves!)  

In the meantime, we'll have the latest news for you on the upcoming Green Lantern movie, and probably a ton of other cool art.  Tonight we finish up our Corps Recruitment series with the final three Lantern Corps posters - Yellow, Indigo, and Black! And next...even more fan-made Green Lantern fun -- stay with us, dabblers!

Sinestro Corps Recruitment Poster
via heart attack jack [link]

Indigo Tribe Recruitment Poster
via heart attack jack [link]

The Black Lantern Corps
via heart attack jack [link]

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