25 December 2009

Merry Christmas from Abbracadabbling Comics Blog @ The Springfield Home Office

Ho, Ho, How did we manage not to blog yesterday?  Too much naughty and not enough nice happened here in Springfield, that's why. Our Christmas Eve was filled with abundant abbracadabbling and a mountain of merriment, and there's plenty left for us to share. On a day when most other comics bloggers take-off, we'll set aside our roast beast, pretend we just don't see all the tightly-packed presents so eager to be opened beneath the Office tree, and get crackin' with the abbracadabblin'. We're looking forward to celebrating this Christmas Day with all of you, our intrepid dabblers, and we wish you all a wonderful Holiday. Round about three o'clock or so, when you're ready to spend a few minutes (or more) away from friends and family, check back in with us. Yule be glad you did!

Winter One-derland ... will return with TWO New NUMBER ONE'S up for grabs this Monday, December 28th!!!

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