28 December 2009

Winter One-derland Comics Blog Giveaway! American McGee's GRIMM #1- We're All About Being Number One!!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!  Did our delightful dabblers do well at Christmas?? We hope so -- there's no better time than the Holidays to fill a fanboy's longbox with crisp, new comics. Our resident fanboys - and fan-girls - certainly did well by Santa. So well that we decided to take a detour from  Friday's Winter One-derland. But as we promised, today's Comics Giveaway is a chance for everyone to do even better than they would have last Friday.  We're not lying -- the  I WONDER? questions  scheduled for Friday were zingers, let us tell you!  Who wrote those frakkers, anyway? Seriously, you dabblers oughta be breathing sighs of relief -- and since we have not just one but TWO Number One Comics to Giveaway today, lets turn those sighs into screams of delight and get on with the show...!

First time dabblers may not know that Winter One-derland is the Giveaway you've been hearing about.  Every Monday and Friday from now through Friday, January 1st - New Year's Day - we'll be giving away one entirely Brand New, completely Near-Mint copy of a premium  Number One issue from a recent comic book series!  You see, abbracadabbling's Mission is to get a comic book into all of our reader's hands, because we know that reading comics is magical.  And besides that, it's prevents forest fires. 

All you've got to do to win today's TWO featured Number One Comics  is send us an e-mail. Of course, your email has to contain a correct answer to our  featured I WONDER? The questions we ask won't be easy, but no matter what your level of superhero know-how may be, a little elbow grease, ingenuity, and good browser will be the absolute most work you'll have to do to find the right answer.  Once you've solved I WONDER? and you're convinced your answer is what we're looking for, just email it in.   And the first dabbler who gets their right answer to us WINS the Number One Comic Booon the blog that day, or of their choice if we've got more than one of 'em.  Be sure  to include your mailing address so we can get you your winning comic book to you.  All expenses paid by your favorite comicsblog, natch! 

That's it.  That's all there is to it. And since none of us is getting any younger, on with today's Winter One-derland!!
I WONDER? (December 28th)

Our double I WONDER? challenges today are proudly proffered in honor of  none other than Stan Lee, himself. We're giving you a chance to prove how well you know Stan The Man, and win one of two sweet Number One comics for your troubles! Now, for those dabblers who may not be as well-acquainted with Mr. Lee as they''d like, here's your opportunity to learn a little bit more about the guy who gave our imaginations great power and great responsibility. 

Already know the answer to that one, yeah? You smart guys, you! (That's what The Dabbler's great-uncle, a capo in the Chicago mob, used to say. Ah, memories of Christmas past...!) When you get your answer, put it into an email and send it off to us at the address you'll find at the bottom of tonight's blog. First dabbler's mail we receive with the correct answer to our Stan Lee I WONDER? will win the first issue of IDW Publishing's limited four-issue series, American McGee's GRIMM! Based on the popular video game of the same name, GRIMM is written by Dwight Macpherson and illustrated by Grant Bond! The issue we'll be sending to the intrepid abbracadabbler with the correct answer is guaranteed to be in Near-Mint Condition, and will be the Cover A edition of this fun and freaky IDW comic book.

I WONDER?(December 28th)

(Helpful Hint: Wise dabblers look closely at comics panels)

Lotta fill-in-the-blanks with that bad boy!  But once you find the answer to the first empty space, all the others should almost write themselves. The winning dabbler of the Stan Lee BONUS challenge will soon be receiving the NUMBER ONE issue of  Vertigo Comics currently ongoing hit series, Unknown Soldier #1  This highly-acclaimed title has been applauded by The New York Times, and we're hoping that you're next in line.  It's top-quality Vertigo, written by Joshua Dysart and features the artwork of Alberto Ponticelli. 

Before we wander away from tonight's trip through Winter One-derland we want to send our best to the great people of Vertigo Comics as well as Chris Ryall and his crew at IDW Publishing. Thanks for the comics, folks! Also, let's take just a moment to send even more good wishes to Stan Lee. Happy 87th, Mr. Lee! 

Send your well-researched I WONDER? to us here:

And lest we forget, abbracadabbling's journey through the Winter One-derland is nearly over. Our final Comics Giveaway of the Season happens this Friday, January 1st 2010.  Time flies when you're giving away free comics, and we've saved the best 'til last. See you then!!

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