14 December 2009

Quitely Covering BATMAN and ROBIN in 2010

Comicsblogs can be pretty sneaky when it comics to subliminally encouraging their dabblers to read comics, and abbracadabbling's one comicsblog that doesn't subscribe to that kind of play. In fact, we don't condone it in the least. Hell no, we're not afraid to say that dabblers, if there's one book you've got to run and pick up this very instant, it's DC Comics' Batman and Robin. Grant Morrison and some of DC's finest artists have created Batman stories at once both brilliant and twisted; it reminds us of running half-naked and aroused in bunny slippers through Disney's Fantasyland while tripping on LSD and Twizzlers. Or at least it would, if we'd been that brave.
Now DC's The Source blog has gifted us an early Christmas present by posting Frank Quitely's latest contributions to the series he launched, his early and uncolored cover art to Batman and Robin Issues 9 and 10. Those are the March and April issues, respectively, so while we've got a few months before the finished products are in our greedy little fingers, getting an early view is always second-best.
As you'd expect, we've got them below for you -- and as an added treat, we've also posted Quitely's completed covers to the first four issues of the series, just in case you haven't seem them all before. If you even needed just ONE reason to buy a comic book, these covers speak for themselves. Once you open an issue, you'll be hard-pressed not to discover a million more reasons why Batman and Robin shouldn't be on your monthly shopping list.
Batman and Robin Issue #9
Batman and Robin Issue #10
There's even MORE Batman and Robin news coming up on the comicsblog, when we get busy with all the latest news from DC Comics. Look out for DC 2010, coming soon to abbracadabbling!
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