14 December 2009

LEGO My Super Hero!

Legos haven't gone out of style; in fact, they're more popular than ever -- especially at Christmas time. They'll be plenty of boys of any age looking for the newest Batman Lego play set or TT Games' Lego Batman video game under the tree this year, thanks to the Caped Crusader leading the charge to introduce DC and Marvel Comics superheroes to the colorful world of Legos building blocks.
Ulises Farinas of the Act-I-Vate Webcomics Collective has created two 'Legostrations' that take 'super-Legos' to a whole new level of fun. His Lego My Marvel recalls the many iconic battles between the heroes of the Marvel Universe and Galactus, The Destroyer of Worlds, while he pays homage to DC's current mega-event Blackest Night with Rise.
We're getting a kick trying to spot as many heroes as we can in both of Farinas' illustrations. Seriously, they're more fun than a stack of Where's Waldo books -- and you can check both of them out here or over on Farinas' Livejournal blog. You'll find plenty of great comics art to peruse if you jump on over, but be aware that he marks his drawings suitable for mature audiences only, as a few of them borderline on adult themes. We think they're safe for work, though. You'll find his blog at the link. [Link]

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