14 December 2009

Monday Fun: Superhero Cops and Van Camp

Need a little levity for your Monday? Freaking News covers the news by asking its readers to enter contests that require both computer design skills and a healthy sense of humor. Recently, after two policemen dressed as Batman and Robin apprehended an alleged drug offender, the website ran a contest for readers to modify police uniforms by giving them the superhero treatment. Our favorites were the Reno 911 Donut Cop as well as Green Lantern Al Gore, but there's a freaking whole lot more for you to laugh on Freaking News. Check out all the Super Police pics at the link. [Link]
While you're out web cruising, drop by Maxim Magazine online. It's not a site we often visit, and it's interesting to see how the Maxim guys tackle superhero news from their particular perspective. As we expected, muscle machines and automobiles with overdrive were a big part of their coverage, though the wet bikini-clad models were missing. Nevertheless, that small oversight didn't keep us from enjoying their 12 Superheroes Who Belong on 70's Vans.
Maxim doesn't reveal how they found their vans, but we're glad they did. Dazzler, the mutant disco dancer with a better light show than a Palm Springs circuit party, begins their countdown, and the Mighty Thor finds his way onto their list, too. Apparently, the Thor van's stereo has only one sound -- loud - and can play just one song, Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song, at full volume. Although Stairway to Heaven might have been a better choice, there's no doubt the van's owner will be in Nirvana once Kenneth Branagh's film opens in 2011. Maxim has ten more superhero-studded mystery machines and plenty of snarky comments waiting for you at the link. [Link]

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