24 December 2009

Comics Christmas - Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, dabblers! We've been caroling up a storm here at the Springfield Home Office, and now the guys are taking a breather and kicking back the egg nog while Raley and her friends don their elf apparel. Excitement's running high; I haven't seen this many yule logs in one place since Wal-Mart's Black Friday sale!
I'll steal away from the trusty comicsblog crew to let you know that we'll be here throughout the Holiday, bringing you tidings of great joy and more comics news that you can shake a candy cane at. We've got some catching up to do, but our focus will be on 2010 and what we can expect from DC Comics next year. In addition, we'll share with you a few of the best Top 10 lists for comics we've seen in 2009, and if you're really good, we'll offer up a few of our suggestions on the cool stuff you didn't find under the tree but that you'll surely want to spend all that Christmas cash on come Sunday morning.
We'll be back in the morning. Until then, visions of sugar plums, dabblers, vision of sugar plummmmmsssssssss.....
"The Teen Titans' Swingin' Christmas Carol"
Teen Titans #13 (DC Comics, 1967) Art by Nick Cardy

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