24 December 2009

A Very Merry Mutant X-Mas

We figured that Santa Claus, good old Saint Nick, would be pegged as a mutant sooner or later (anyone who delivers toys to kids all over the world in one night would have to be able to fly at super-speed or teleport, not to mention phase through solid objects like chimneys and become invisible to keep from getting caught), because it's just logical, right?  But we didn't expect someone would beat Marvel or their uncanny X-Men to the Holiday punch.

Well, someone did -- but if it's not Bryan Singer, then who? Well, if you've had a chance to see their earlier -- and dare we say classic -- YouTube hit Tom Hanks Is James Bond, then you're already familiar with the movie mash-up brilliance of  Double D Enterprises co-creators Matt Dahan and Dan Perrault. We happened to stumble across the duo's latest creation, X-Mas Origins: Santa, earlier this week, and we're still laughing like a bowl full of jelly despite ourselves.

Dahan and Perrault do a great job editing here - and while the video has clips from several different Holiday films, its their splicing and dicing of last summer's X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Tim Allen's The Santa Clause that bespeaks these boys' genius.

X-Mas Origins: Santa is a trailer for the kind of Christmas movie comic fans have always wanted but never asked for -- until now. We helped the boys out and abbracadabbled up some fancy logo work, and we're sure they'd love to hear what all of you have to say about their X-Mas clip, too. You can give Matt and Dan a big Back Issues shout-out after you catch the clip below.

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