31 December 2009

On The Last Day: The Last Days of American Crime

Being the very last day of 2009, it only seems fitting to re-visit The Last Days of American Crime.  Long-time dabblers will recall we introduced Last Days and its Portland-based writer Rick Remender to the comicsblog back in October.  The series - already optioned for a feature film - debuted earlier this month from Radical Publishing, and now that it has, we're back to tell you those two months  of waiting for the first issue to hit the racks were well worth the wait. 

And we want you to see for yourselves -- you never know, maybe The Last Days of American Crime will be the first comic you'll decide to read come the New Year.  Comic Book Resources is going to help both of us out, too. They've recently posted a seventeen page online preview of Last Days #1  HERE, so you can give it a good review before you venture out to the comics shop.

As for what you're getting yourself into, we'll let you read that for yourself as well. Radical Publishing's summary of Remender and artist Greg Tocchini's new crime-noir series is just below.  Enjoy.

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