31 December 2009

New Wave: STAR TREK Wetsuits

We haven't had clear skies above the Springfield Home Office since Thanksgiving; the rain's been non-stop, and the forecast calls for an even wetter New Year. Oregon's practically floating away on us, and we couldn't be happier. Especially when our morning web-surfing brought word that JMJ has launched their exclusive line of Star Trek: The Original Series wetsuits! 

While the wetsuits (above) - available in Command Yellow, Science Blue, or Engineering Red - look better than the costumes we saw around Halloween, they're the real deal; according to JMJ, their Trek-suits are made of the highest quality neoprene material by expert craftsman, and offer the ultimate in warmth and exposure protection for surfers, divers and water sport enthusiasts..

These suits are individually tailored; that means, dabblers, these babies are custom made, and made-to-order. JMJ advises that anyone interested in their one-piece full Trek-suits be professionally measured before placing an order, since once the suit's made, it's your's. They're also not cheap, but we figure that the $470 price tag is more than enough incentive for anyone to make sure their measurements are exact. 

Surfers, divers, and interested dabblers -- and any Oregonian worried about the State washing away -- should find the nearest transporter room and get out to JMJ's home base in Torrance, CA,  to inspect these Star Trek wetsuits up-close. But if transporters aren't an option, you'll also be able to find them - and place your order - through Roddenberry.com HERE.

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