16 December 2009

Holy Dirty Diapers! The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman

Marvel's recently sent the Uncanny X-Men back to kindergarten with X-Babies, and their animated Marvel Super Hero Squad has fans from four years old to forty. Along the same lines, DC Comics' Tiny Titans has won several industry awards and become a critical success, not to mention one of the company's biggest sleeper hits, and they've had similar success turning back the clock for Supergirl, Shazam, and even the JLA for an episode of Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited.
If you're wondering exactly why, we'd have to say that well, we're not entirely sure. Superheroes, though they walk a line of suspended disbelief, have become serious subject matter over the last thirty years, a trend epitomized by Watchmen and a natural response to the increasing maturity of comic book readers. Baby versions of our favorite superheroes still take themselves all-too-seriously, despite the fact they're all of five years old. Watching them deal with being a kid again can be hilarious, extreme, even cathartic, and in some ways, we can't help but feel more like a kid again, either.
Joe Valenti of Valenti Vision Films has done a great job of seizing on those very aspects while also dishing out the same camp and visual style that anyone who's seen Adam West's Batman should immediately recognize. Produced by Jordan Wachtell, The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman is too much fun -- you won't be able tear your eyes from the always-serious Bruce Wayne as he fights crime and a host of Gotham City's most notorious pint-sized villains as 'Little Batman'. Along with his preschool-aged sidekick Robin, the Dynamic Duo get right to work solving the mystery of Gotham's latest jailbreak -- and then all kinds of craziness begins.
We're showing Part I of The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman on the comicsblog for your evening amusement, and if you like what you see, be sure to catch Part II and Part III for the rest of the story. You'll find them on the Valenti Vision Films website, and we've got the link. [Link]

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