12 March 2010

You Bite! ...Or Will You? Apple's iPAD Pre-Orders Have Started

We tried to give dabblers fair warning.  As of 7am or so this morning Eastern Standard Time, the inevitable happened -- Apple made its new Tablet device, the Apple iPad, available to pre-order via the US Apple store's website. You can now order the WiFi iPad which comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or Special Granny Smith Edition, and it will be delivered to you on the 3rd of April. As you can read below, the 16GB WiFi iPad can be yours (our ours) for $499 - and prices escalate nicely from there.

You can also pre-order the WiFi + 3G iPad, although its baseline price-point is a smidgen more: $629 gets you the 16 gig 3G - and prices escalate nicely from there. The iPad 3G's are slated to ship in late April although no exact date has been announced.   All this and more, of course, happens at Apple, right HERE.

With iPad about to become a physical reality - and a real cash cow -  in just a few weeks, legions of products positioned to be the accessory or add-on new iPad owners can't live without are taking their places on the launch pad. Most of those we've seen so far actually appear as clever as they do useful -- like Pure Fabrication's skateboard-style iGotaBigAssPocket pants.  They pants come in either a cotton/polyester blend or a more traditional denim jeans style, and in a variety of colors, and feature a center rear pocket that's, well, Big Ass and custom-sized to fit iPad - or really anything. 

With all the skaters, gamers, and bangers who'll be cruising or kickin' it with their  (or someone else's) new iPads, we can't think of hipper way to say to Yo, check it! PF's online boutique begins its pants sale March 19th.  For more info, visit Oh No Doom -- here.

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