08 March 2010

Boy, It's Vintage! Supergirl Went Both Ways in the Eighties

As precocious pre-teens, we loved Bantam's Choose Your Own Adventure books about as much as our Encyclopedia Brown's. So you can imagine we went wild when Archway - a big Bantam rival back in the eighties - launched their me-too series, Adventures of You.  It didn't take long before Archway nabbed a few key licenses - including one from DC Comics - and then we went really wild. Hitching themselves to Kenner's star toy line,  DC Comics Super Powers, Archway's Super Powers Which Way Books were as captivating as a comic book. Supergirl, The Girl of Steel was published in 1984, second in the series which began with Batman: The Doomsday Prophecy (Book #1) and ended with The Justice League of America (Book #3). 

Although The Doomsday Prophecy went on to see several reprintings - including one intended as a tie-in with Tim Burton's Batman in 1989 - Supergirl's adventures never found a new edition. Probably because she was killed off a year later, when DC Comics published its landmark max-series Crisis On Infinite Earths. After a year of choosing her own adventure, that must have really, really sucked.
Crisis on Infinite Earths - Issue #7 (Oct. 1985)
Artwork By George Perez

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