10 March 2010

Net Values: The State of The Internet 2009 -- and Raley Guest-Blogs!

Raley here, folks! The Dabbler's been called away by some entertainment big-wigs (oh, I can't tell a fib: he's glued to Access Hollywood and Corey Haim) so I told him I'd happily guestblog a post or two. After all, if it had been the other Corey -- he would've done the exact same for me. 

Seriously, everyone at our Home Office is very sorry to hear about Corey Haim's death earlier today; like Britney Murphy in December, it's a tragedy - and it's scary - any way you look at it. But I'll tell you what's just as scary, and maybe even scarier: how quickly somebody updated those folks' Wikipedia pages. I'm online all day and I'd swear, Corey Haim's Wikipedia page was updated (that he'd died) ten minutes before the ambulance arrived at his mom's place! How do they do that? I don't know what to think about that, guys, I really don't.

The good news for dabblers is that abbracadabbling's ComicTech boys found this truly visual way to help us all make some sense of that 'world wide' craziness.  While I wasn't too surprised by a lot of the data, having the actual numbers really does put today's State of The Internet into perspective. I was shocked to see that laptop and netbook users are closing the gap on desktoppers like me, though. And what's with the United States getting fifth place for internet penetration? Take a look, guys, then be sure to share your thoughts with me in our Comments section down below!

(It's Raley again! Had to duck in here because the people who pulled this info together did an extremely thorough job. We were all shocked - in a pleasantly surprised shocked sort of way - to discover that even our little comicsblog made its way into the researchers' data set. Of course, we weren't surprised at all by their results. It's amazing what statisticians can figure out these days...!)
And that's The State of The Internet in 2009, boys and girls. I don't know about you, but I've got a feeling we'll see some big changes in next year's numbers after the iPad - and a gazillion others - hit the Best Buy in a few months. I'm curious how tablets will impact not just comics - but life for all us bloggers, too. I just know Dabbler's going to send me off to some Yaoi Con somewhere and make me Live-Blog.  Not that I'd be hating that or anything... Thanks for being on the comicsblog with me tonight, dabblers. Keep it real, and keep abbracadabbling!
NOTE: The views expressed by guest-bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views of abbracadabbling. Views expressed are opinions only, and should not be regarded as fact.
Source: FOCUS Online [link]

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