14 March 2010

A Special Letter Arrived At The PRESENT MAGIC COMICS SHOP

We've had an unusually busy day in Springfield, many of those hours  being devoted to the one source of funds abbracadabbling currently enjoys - our very own Present Magic Comics Shop on eBay. We always have several darn cool auctions going -- 17 of them as of this blogging - and we offer them all at exceptionally low, wallet-friendly prices that should make any dabbler's budget smile. 

We had reason to smile today thanks to an email from John P, an North Carolina-based eBay customer who purchased one of our comics - a Silver Age Captain Marvel -  just yesterday. Now, the PMCS often receives emails  about our online auctions, but John's short letter really stuck out.

abbracadabbling exists because we believe  comics are magical things; they have value beyond objects. We're sure that most - if not all - our  eBay visitors feel the same way.  That understanding shapes everything we do at the Present Magic Comics Shop - from our posts, to our prices, to communicating with customers and fulfilling our promises to them.  That's just good business, period.

John P. took the time to let us know we're doing a good job. Feedback, whether it's to do with eBay sales or daily blogs (hint, hint!), is invaluable communication.  John, thank you so much for your kind and motivating words.  Here's what he had to say:

If you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket -- or even if you're just in the mood to  window-shop -- abbracadabble on over to the Present Magic Comics SHOP and visit us on eBay.  We're open 24 hours, but the bar closes promptly at 2am.  See y'all there.

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