26 March 2010

The Organic Goes Electronic in Christina Aguilera's BIONIC

Metropolis meets Madonna and we're loving the mash-up, dabblers! Christina Aguilera posted the announcement on her website yesterday that she's {Bi-on-ic}. That's the name of the 29-year-old singer's fourth studio album and the first she's released in four years,  and {Bi-on-ic} 's sweet cover art has got to be the best of the bunch.  Any album that's got Evita looking like the Borg Queen is enough to make our sale; that the singer's collaborating tracks with Sia, Tricky Stewart, Le Tigre, Hill & Switch, Ladytron (how perfect, right?), and longtime gal-pal Linda Perry (on the ballad Lift Me Up) is just icing on our Twinkie.

From Four Non-Blondes to two, we're not in it for the counting -- or the hair color. We're disco dabblers, and Christina's a girl who turns it out hot for the dance floor.  On {Bi-on-ic}, Aguilera is promising us all a unique sonic ride.  Yeah, that sounds dirty, and we'll certainly be listening for more of it. The album's lead single Not Myself Tonight goes live on Christina's site 30 March, and that track will be only the first example of the slim songstress' new, sexy sound: a combination of the electronic...with the organic

We usually wouldn't care if pop ate itself, dabblers, but for Miss Christina, we're energized to make an exception. On the surface, {Bi-on-ic} is a clever creation, a most definite nod to Geek culture from Trek to Tron, and an intriguing metaphor for what lies beneath.  Not all of Tina's past tunes have been our cup of tea, but the girl's got range, talent, and heart.  Where Jamie Sommers found trouble, expect Christina Aguilera to find treble - and bass and hit all her high notes while kicking ass on plenty of new ones.  The girl's gonna make good on what she's promising, and we'll be downloading it when she does. {Bi-on-ic} is due online and in stores 08 June 2010. 

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