08 March 2010

LATE-NIGHT Funnies: BAT-HAMSTER! Our BATMAN Covering The Caped Crusader -- Special Edition!!

After an unforgivable comicsblog absence last week, our rollicking and barely readable Sunday Funnies are back again for the first time ever!! That's right, dabblers, this laugh-laden Late Night Edition of the Funnies will send you off to slumber with split sides and squinty eyes. Not because we're the best imitation of an actual newspaper on the 'net, no sir! Our randomly intermittent coverage of the blow-away blog-hit Covering The Caped Crusader continues right here - yeah, we know! Whowouldathunkit??  But be warned, daring dabblers: our Late Night Editions tend to deviate from the Funnies format you know and love, but who cares?! They're a helluva lotta buncha of fun, and Joker only knows we can all use a good laugh, 'cause we're sure not getting any on TV - Fox News and any show that Sarah Palin's on excepted, of course!

But we digress... tonight, ol' Bats is joined in good humor by his pals from the Justice League: Superman (aka Shazam), Wonder Woman (as you've never seen her before!), Aquaman (or is that Bizzaro-Aquaman?), The Flash (the not-so-speedy Speedster), Grossly-obese Green Lantern, and Robin The (Annoying) Boy Wonder! And that's not including Batman's surprise special Marvelous guest-stars:  Iron Man! The Uncanny X-Men! and A Cat in a Tree!!!
Famous Last Words [via

That No Is Bizzaro-Aquaman [via]
  Wonder Woman meets Cat In A Tree!  [via]

 Bat-Hamster Cave   [via]

Scott Kurtz's Player Vs Player [via]
Uncanny Dick  [via]
  Holy Bat-Spam!    [via]
 Batman's Last Dance   [via]
Batmobile Lost A Wheel  [via]

Comicsblog favorite Cameron Stewart makes his Funnies debut with a Tweet! Stewart recently posted this sketch - the 'rejected cover art' he drew for Batman and Robin Issue 9 -  to his Twitter page, proving the Clown Prince of Crime's not the only Joker our Caped Crusader has to worry about! Don't get the funny in Stewart's pic? You'd better rush out and get a copy of Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart's latest issue -- on sale now at your local comic shop!
Rejection is so Tweet [via]

Batman is Bum-Rushing...Again [via]

The Iron and The Irony

  No Fast Pass for the Flash
  That's The Ticket  [via]
Wednesday Comics[via]

That's it for Sunday Funnies' Covering The Caped Crusader Late-Night Edition. 
We sure hope you had as much fun as we did, because boy-oh-boy, did we ever have fun! On a final note, dabblers, cross your fingers and say those prayers - conduct human sacrifice if you must - because it all hits the fan next week, when the delightful daylight Funnies return... in just seven days!!!

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