17 March 2010

'Go Green' with Abbracadabbling for Saint Paddy's Day!

We've asked Green Arrow and Green Lantern, the world's two most famous hard-travelin' heroes, to kick-off our little comicsblog's Saint Patrick's Day celebration, which is just about getting started at our Springfield offices. Our morning's been a full one already: both heroes and their emerald ensembles woke us early with the bang of a well-placed C-4 arrow  and sparked an event in which a rooster got pink-slipped and the Dabbler made good on his promise that the blog will go green.   

We've been going green since blackest night became brightest day  a few hour back, when the boys shared a bowl (of Lucky Charms!) and gave us the inside scoop on what to expect from each of them in 2010.   After some preparation and a pint of Guinness, we're primed to share all the emerald excitement with you this afternoon -- and that's just for starters.  Comic books and things that aren't comic books will all go green  abbracadabbling this Saint Patrick's Day. So stay put, and drink up...!

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