24 March 2010

Figures In Action! Substitute Superman

DC Superheroes Collection by Mattel
Steel remains an integral part of DC Comics' superhero universe, seventeen after he first debuted in the 500th issue of Adventures of Superman back in 1993.  Also known as brilliant inventor and uncle John Henry Irons, Steel was one of the four 'Supermen' who rose to the occasion and attempted to 'fill-in' for Superman after DC killed their main man just months before (in 1992). Created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove, inspiration for their Steel was drawn from the African-American folk hero John Henry, most noted for carrying  a 20 pound hammer that he thought was light, and for being 6 feet tall, full of muscles, and weighing about 200 pounds.  The superhero Steel also carries a heavy hammer while wearing advanced, weaponized body armor that, to the untrained eye,  might be slightly reminiscent of Marvel's Iron Man.   But the similarities really stop there -- and no better evidenced than by the men who brought both characters to life on the Silver Screen.  Robert Downey, Jr., is currently doing the Iron Man honors for Marvel; Shaquille O'Neal, however, was the dude who climbed inside Steel's silver suit when Warner Bros sent him into theaters over a decade ago (1997).  For more about Steel, check HEREImage [via]

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