14 March 2010


We hope everyone really had a Bat-splitting good time with last week's first edition of our Late-Night Funnies! We missed our deadline this time around, so our apologies for a much abbreviated Sunday Funnies regular edition. But although we do have to be brief, we're not going to leave anyone wanting more. Okay, we take that back -- you will be wanting more, because tonight's just a taste of what to expect this week on the comicsblog.  You may not like everything you'll find in our forthcoming blogs, but it'll all be breaking news, insightful opinion, mixed together with tons of talent and plenty of cool pics.  Of course, we wouldn't do any less for one of our favorite heroes of all time: GREEN LANTERN!!
Ryan Dunlavey's serving up all the funny Sunday enjoyment tonight, and we're honored to have him on the comicsblog. Ryan's a bit subversive, but he's a comics creator and illustrator who's made some siginificant contributions to the industry we all love.  He's won awards for both of his self-published series - reads we know we've learned plenty from - Action Philosophers and Comic Book Comics.  Ryan's also done the artistic stint on M.O.D.O.K.  for Marvel Comics and Diarrhea Dog for Royal Flush - and he turns out a web comic in his free time.   

For this week's Sunday Funnies, Ryan has just one question for all of us: Where's Green Lantern? Do you know? Do you? We sure don't....yet! But we're going to spend the rest of this 'blackest night' looking for him. We hope we do -- but if you don't (losers!) check back Monday when we disclose his top secret location to the world.  Have fun, and let no evil escape your sight! (Remember, when you're on the hunt for ol' Hal Jordan, be sure to right-click the picture to super-size it. Makes these kinds of searches way  easier, don't ya think?)
Illustration courtesy of R. Dunlavey 
via his Deviant Art page - here.
Your guess is as good as ours, guys. But if we all have our way, The Sunday Funnies will return in their regular time slot in just seven days! Here's hoping!

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