15 March 2010


Batman by Fernando Lucas [via]
Artists Fernando Lucas and Daniel Cox are the highlights of our Monday morning blog. Lucas captures  his subject much like Fritz Lang might once have done, but  he throws a very contrary wrench into his portrait and in doing so, tells a story of very different Batman.  Cox's painting (below) takes us from the boundaries of the 'frozen moment' and frames a story like a panel plucked from the pages of a comic book featuring the Batman Family's most elusive member, Bat-Mite. Modeled after Superman's impish nemesis from another dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk, residents of Bat-Mite's otherworldly home idolize the heroes of DC Comics, dress like them, and, it seems, use their magical powers to drive them batty. For a very serious superhero like Batman, Bat-Mite's an odd element in a dark world. Which, in the long and sometimes difficult history of the Caped Crusader, is exactly the reason why the diminutive nuisance pops in from time to time.
Covering The Caped Crusader continues today with our third series of fantastic portraits of Batman and those he knows best... and we're not even close to being done!

Damian - Robin V by 89g [via]

Batgirl (negative space) [via]

Nightwing & Outsiders by 89g [via]

Bat-Mite by Daniel J. Cox [via]

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