17 March 2010

No Sour Grapes as Apple's iPAD Pre-Orders Top 120K In One Day

Yes, we know our picture is misleading. Someone was having shots for lunch...Now, we can't say for certain who that could be. But since we also just spotted our newest intern Erin go bra-less down the breezeway, our list of suspects is narrowing.

Much unlike Apple Computer's broadband frequency, which must have been jam-packed  when Apple began taking pre-orders for their new iPad tablet last Friday.  How bad was that Apple jam? In just one day, America's 'Apple-juiced' appetites proved just how hungry they were: according to  Investor Village, Apple sold over 120,000 iPad pre-orders 12 March, when both the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G models went live to buy.  

 iPad WiFi is scheduled to physically appear in Apple retail stores 03 April, leaving  some industry worry-warts to wonder if Apple can meet the demand. But by all accounts -- especially bank accounts -- it's looking to us like those crazy and creative Cupertinians most definitely can. Pre-order sales of 120K equate to roughly $75 million in revenue for Apple -- in one day.  By comparison, James Cameron's Avatar earned a 'whopping' $27  million on its first day, and required three days to crawl towards the $80M mark. To Avatar fans everywhere, we have only one thing to say: How 'bout them Apples?

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