17 March 2010

CoMicsMerchant Says He's GLAAD There's No Time Like The Present

As often as we've claimed our day to bring all you comicsblogees brand-new blogs is Friday, we'll make an exception for Saint Patrick's.  And though it may be St. Paddy's, Pay Day (one of our favorite holidays) is so close we can smell the money.  If you can, too,  then this is place you want to be and our resident CoMics Merchant is the dude you need to meet   He's got a knack for the new that'll knock your socks off; he's the merchant with a penchant for spending other people's cash.  Will he succeed putting you in the poor house tonight? Only one way to find out: Let's go shopping - abbracadabbling style!

Just like the awesome Iron Man MacBook Decal we featured a few months ago, this cool Green Lantern MacBook Decal will add a gaggle of green comics color to your MacBook or MacBook Pro. The full-color decal of DC Comics' most famous Green Lantern is perfectly positioned so that your (and CoMics Merchant's) MacBook's apple light gives good glow and makes Hal Jordan's power ring sparkle with emerald energy.  Movie Magic Man's up to his old tricks, but when it comes to Green Lantern, we'll let him work that old black magic anytime he wants. He's even designed the decal to fit 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch laptop models -- and we'd bet good money he's got an iPad design waiting in wings.  For just $15, your Mac can become the next member of the the Green Lantern Corps HERE.
Superheroes may rely on masks to protect their identities when on the job, but we all know an MP3 player and headphones serve the purpose even better. Now, Coloud, the 'new name in music', has given us the best of both worlds with these soon to be hot-off-the-assembly-line Marvel Headphones! Coloud's new Marvel-themed headgear features a range of Marvel heroes, from Iron Man and Hulk to Punisher and Wolverine! -- and there's even an X-Men version, so how can we not be psyched? Fans of Daredevil, you're out of luck.  But for everyone else, CoMics Merchant  says Christmas is coming early this year. Get in line and pre-order your MP3's next super-accessory for just $39.99 HERE
Alan Cumming - X-Men 2's big-screen, blue-skinned Nightcrawler - hosted the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York last Saturday, which you already know is the annual ceremony that honors all forms of media - including comics - which elevate and promote fair, accurate and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) stories, issues, and people.  Joining fellow GLAAD Award recipients Joy Behar (LMAO co-host of The View) and Ms. Aliens herself, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Kane won this year's GLAAD Award in the Outstanding Comic Book category for her portrayal of Batwoman in the ongoing DC Comics series Detective Comics.

Well, okay, Kate Kane and her alter-ego may not exist (that we know of), but DC's Detective Comics, the longest published series in comics, did earn this year's honor for featuring lesbian superheroine Batwoman in the publisher's flagship title.  That alone wouldn't have been enough for the title to win an award; the book's  creative team of writer Greg Rucka and artist J.H. Williams III  is that magic that's consistently put Detective Comics over the top and earned the series copious amounts of critical attention since the modern incarnation of Kate Kane began headlining the Batman-related book in June 2009.

After nearly a year of headlining Detective, Batwoman nabs GLAAD's award just as she's about to exit the book in order to make room for the return of a back-from-the-past Bruce Wayne.  While a short hiatus may be in her solo future, so's her solo title, which Rucka and Williams will launch later this year. But our CoMics Merchant doesn't see any reason for you to wait to find our what everyone's been so GLAAD that you've been missing. Head down to your local comics shop and find out just how the comic book industry is tackling LGBT issues, as the red-haired spunky Batwoman is about the best example going right now. Insightful -- and a good read with plenty of eye-pleasing pictures thanks to Williams' decorative flare.

With abbracadabbling being the official comicsblog of Present Magic Comics, we're the authority on the power of being present. But living in the moment can be difficult for even the most tempered dabbler among us. Thank goodness for the timely arrival of the CoMics Merchant! He's always watching out for us, and now we'll never have trouble keeping it current thanks to Yanko's Past, Present, Future Watch. The 'PPF' watch is designed to remind its wearer that ‘there is no time like the present’ as it only displays the present time,  with the current time always moving around the dial and always being displayed at the top of the watch in the present time.  

This watch seems like it was tailor-made for followers of our blog, and to all those devoted to the philosophy of Present Magic across the globe. Yanko's tapped into our Flow, but  we almost didn't notice. Our attention's locked on their Fall line-up of watches - three nifty little gizmos that won't tell you what time it is, but what time it will be three hours and twelve seconds down the road.  You know, way too much to look forward to, but just one great $95 wristwatch to buy in the HERE...and now.

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