09 March 2010

Consoling Numbers: The Secret Lives of American Gamers

Probably months before it light-cycles a neon path into theaters this Christmas, the glowing world of Tron: Legacy will accessible to anyone with a PS3, an X-box, maybe even a Wii.  After all, the movie is set in a video game arcade! At least, the original Tron was, back in 1982 - a primitive time when folks had barely graduated from Pong and somehow got by with only an Atari joystick to pass the time.  We live in a very different world than we did thirty years ago, and from the looks of it, we'd better be careful or we'll end up with Tron as our neighbor. Of course, then we'd have light-cycles in our garage...and that doesn't really sound so bad. Hmmm...

Here's a designer - and informative - look into the secret life of the video game - and the people who play them - all-American style:

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