02 May 2010

Sunday7: ALIENS Vs POOH Is Warped Webcomics Fun

We kick off a new month by adding some fun to the comicsblog with  the abbracadabbling Sunday 7! Check the comicsblog throughout the day, as the Home Office dabblers will be bringing you 7 short blogs of the fun, funny, and fantastic. You never know what's on their minds or what mood they're in,  so stay with us for today's wild ride...!
We've all heard the horror stories about the perverted, sick, and twisted f***s  that lurk in the dark corners of the internet. Some lie in wait to prey upon hapless children who stray into the chat rooms they'll later regret, while others abuse the small blue bird and disseminate thoughts, moments, and locations that were better left unTweeted.  And then there's the folks who do web comics.

The collective warped creativity of GODXILIARY is a perfect example. We'd be hard pressed to find anything even half as twisted as we discovered there; seriously, we really hope they don't have kids of their own. But for big kids, this is the kind of entertainment you wished you had when you weren't busy holding your dad's magnifying glass over ant hills in the backyard.  Sure, their creator "Giant Hamburger's" tale Aliens Vs Pooh sounds innocent enough and begins in classic Christopher Robin style,  but it all goes wrong even before Baby Roo mysteriously disappears and Eeyore gets a facehugger stuck to his a**. 

Let's just say that Robbie Rodriguez's next film might be rebooting the franchise, but unless his relaunch puts Tigger inside Sigourney's power armor, we'd rather see Aliens Vs Pooh on the silver screen. C'mon, Disney, this is movie gold! Find and finish the rest of this brilliant and sick story [here] and learn just how dark Pooh Corner can get...

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