18 May 2010

Imagine All Day: ABBRACADABBLING & The Perfect Equation

There's no feeling in the world like rolling out of bed, with the sun shining and your steaming espresso already prepared by an over-tired intern, knowing that the only responsibility you have is to imagine all day. Again. What a wonderful way to wake up; if only it were true! But we intrepid imagineers at the Springfield Home Office can dream, can we not? 

Don't knock that we do, either.  Many brilliant individuals--from Einstein to Mozart to The Dabbler--credit their imagination as the source of their creativity and genius.  And since the Chinese proved last fall that there's a significant correlation between robust daydreaming and superior intelligence, you can bet Mr. E wasn't just blowin' smoke!
Read comics. Day dream. Get smart. Rule the world.    

We knew it all along.

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