21 May 2010

IMAGINE ALL DAY: Damsel In Distress?


We're in the final twelve or so hours of imagine all day. Admittedly, the days' events kept the Springfield Home Office away from the comicsblog. Not the ideal situation, we agree; but hey, it's not like we asked 'Heavy' Matildita, our cleaning lady, to go into labor, either. (We thought she'd gained weight, but we never figured she was preggo, you know?) As you might expect, our morning went to hell in a hand basket rather quickly, although it did come in handy as a makeshift cradle shortly thereafter.  Long story shot: To those of you who phoned in, concerned, we appreciate your calls, and we're happy to report that not only are we fine , but mother and new baby daughter, Luornu** Marisa Santa Maria, are both doing well, too. 

** Unusual name? Not at all. Heav-- er, Matilda named her brand new feeder after Luornu DurgoDuo Damsel of The Legion of Super Heroes.  The Legion and its members are the featured heroes of imagine all day, of course, and you'll be learning why soon -- if you don't already know. You're a savvy bunch, that's for sure. And because you are, check out George Perez' Legion from 1982. It's gigantic wallpaper-sized and it's just for you.  Right click, fall in love,  and do you thing. 

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