02 May 2010

Sunday 7: Lemon's Not A Loser In Springfield

We sign off the comicsblog and round out tonight's Sunday 7 with a few images from last weekend's upset at The Springfield Pie-Off's Blueberry Pie Contest.  We owe a lot to the events of that fateful afternoon, a day that began like any other yet ended, for some, in tragedy. Twenty-eight pies entered that contest last Saturday, and twenty-eight pies were consumed by the highly trained panel of judges before a winner was declared. 

To call the the rogue Lemon Custard that came out on top and won the day a long shot - even a dark horse - would be a severe understatement. We don't know if it was intentional, deserved, or a bitter, ironic joke that went too far. But twenty-seven blueberry pies were defeated by a pie that couldn't help but be different. There's a morale or two in that story, we're sure of it. But for now, we ask that you enjoy the few photos we were able to snag before the pandemonium overtook us and we were forced to run back to the safe confines of our humble Home Office.  But be warned, dabblers: if you live in Springfield, these pics might very well be NSFW...

The Springfield Pie Off's Official Logo

Three of the many trained & certified professional 
Pie Judges eating and judging pie

The Lemon Custard that took everyone by
surprise at the Springfield Pie Off's 
Blueberry Pie Contest last weekend

And that's our Sunday 7! Hope you had a blast dabblers; we sure did!

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freddybill said...

What's this about "Sunday 7"? Never heard that term b-4... To add some variety of course. But glad to see you are !-) That the Custard pie "took the cake" is newsworthy.