22 May 2010

Get Ready To Play: The ATOM Logo Tee Tops Off Our Day

For fans of DC Comics' tiniest titan, The Atom, and to celebrate this diminutive hero who - despite the flurry of recent comicsblogosphere controversy (that we are, for the moment, keeping clear of) - stood tall and proudly proclaimed, "I Am An Abbracadabbler!" the new Atom Logo Tee at SuperheroStuff.com is a perfect fit. We're all over those colors, and once payday rolls around, we'll have our order in lickety-split. In light of today's Aquaman humor, that sounds a little dirty, but when you imagine all day like we've been, your graphic imagination just can't help but go South.

That's it for us - and imagine all day - on the comicsblog for this late May Saturday, but you better be here tomorrow and then next week, when we've got another new surprise for dabblers near and far. One day next week - hell, maybe even two - we'll be taking another special time-out. Why? So we can play all day, silly.  Much more to come....always!
Buy your size of The Atom [here].

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