21 May 2010


We immediately loved this wicked-cool rendition of our fave sorcerer, Dr. Fate -- a definite stand-out among a lot of great artwork recently on special auction to benefit Canada's Doug Wright AwardsDC's Golden Age magic maker doesn't seem fazed at all by the wacky attack about to be waged on him by a bunch of ghosts right out of last Halloween's New Yorker; he looks amused, and for a dude who wears a metal helmet on his head, it's often not easy to tell how he's feeling. 

Gregory Gallant - better known as the artist Seth - makes Dr. Fate  so accessible here, we wouldn't be at all surprised if our hero made the cover of The New Yorker himself.  Seth has - at least three times -and that artistic milestone is just one of his many credits. Single-handedly responsible for designing all 25 volumes of Fantagraphics' complete Peanuts collection, he created the look of Aimee Mann's 2001 Lost In Space album (it's soooo good) and, back in the day, was the illustrator for Vortex Comics' most-awesome series Mister X

Seth's best known for Palooka-Ville, which he's been publishing (thanks to Drawn and Quarterly) since 1991. Aside from winning multiple awards, the series played a big part in Canada's "alternative comics" renaissance back in the early 1990's.  Fashionably well-read dabblers might also recognize Seth as the genius behind George Sprott,  originally serialized in the The New York Times Magazine, but available today in hardcover, completely re-mastered, for everyone else who missed it. Check it out [here].

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