29 May 2010

Figures In Action! CAST A Vote For Your Favorite CAP

Here's something fun that'll take a minute out of your day - and give you something to talk about over beers  tonight. Through Memorial Day on ToyRUs.com  you’ll be able to vote for your favorite Captain America Minimate design. Just as those Uncanny Mating X-men  we showed you few days back prove, Minimates figures get a lot of...well, action.  Finally, this is the weekend for all of us to get in what we're missin -- and to witness the democratic process from the comfort of your own computer!  After the votes have been tallied, the top four selections will be collected into an exclusive Toys R Us box set from Art Asylum, celebrating the return of the original Captain America, Steve Rogers. The six (6) designs to choose from include:  
    * World War II-era (Golden Age)
    * Suspended Animation (Silver Age)
    * The Captain (80s)
    * Armored Captain America (90s)
    * Civil War Captain America (00s)
    * Captain America Re-Birth (current)

It's a tough pick, ain't it? Civil War Captain America is all kinds of torn-up, but the Silver Age Suspended Animation version comes with a melting block of ice. This election's as crazy as the '03 recall, so get in on the fun and vote [here]!!

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