05 May 2010

Seattle's ELECTRON BOY Saves Sounders On The "Best Day" Of His Life

Junior Vasquez taught us back in 1996  to just disconnect Madonna if she ever called, and we took that advice to heart because, you know, it could happen. We're just happy he didn't feel the same about our wall-crawling bud, Spider-Man.   Because unlike a virgin, Spidey's quite accustomed to letting his fingers do the walking, whether it be up the side of the Empire State or through the pages of a phone book in Washington State. 

Last week in Bellevue, with some help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Spider-Man himself gave a call to Erik Martin, a thirteen-year-old from the Seattle area who's living with terminal cancer. Erik, an obviously smart kid and a big fan of comic books,  gets creative by dressing up as Electron Boy, his superhero alter-ego -- and Spidey called to enlist his aid.

Spidey relayed to Erik that Seattle's Major League Soccer team, the Seattle Sounders, had been abducted by  the villains Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy, from their in the locker room at Qwest Field.  We figure Spidey may have been calling long distance, as he told Erik that only Electron Boy would be able to save the captive ball-kickers.

What followed was one of the largest volunteer-recruited events ever staged by the Foundation, as freeways throughout the area were closed down and over 20 motorcycle officers escorted Electron Boy and other local superheroes (who assisted with the scenario) to Qwest field and elsewhere, in an afternoon involving hundreds of volunteers in-the-know.

Just a super-cool story -- and one that must have been incredibly well-orchestrated, as by all accounts Erik aka Electron Boy was totally immersed in the illusion.  Not that he should have been suspect of the well-meaning shenanigans: when Spider-Man calls, by damn-it,  you answer, and you don't ask questions.  Junior...

The Seattle Times reports Erik's entire adventure [here], while his friends and family have created a Fans of Electron Boy page on Facebook, which you can find - and join - [here].
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