03 May 2010

Funko Fresh!! New JUSTICE LEAGUE Plushie Buddies ...So You'll Never Be Alone Again

Those Marvel Minimates were so nasty even our souls felt dirty. We'd just made appointments for an emergency baptism when these four adorable Justice League plushies caught our eye -- and suddenly, we felt the love.  

That love, and our redemption,  comes courtesy of the company already known for their Wacky Wobbler Bobbleheads -- FunkoFunko put its push to enter the plushies market on display at Toy Fair 2010 in February, and it's clear that our four friendly fellows from the Justice League won't be alone when they make it into stores this June. 

Standing (or slouching) at a full seven super inches each, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern round out Funko's third wave of plushies in 2010. Alice in Wonderland (Wave 1) arrived in stores just last Friday, and the Rat-Fink (Wave 2) series is due later this month. Future waves of Funko plushies will include Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Wizard of Oz.

At just $10 each, there's no way in heck we'll settle for anything less than a full League.  We'll take them with us everywhere - to the dentist, the gym,  movie premieres of their superhero namesakes, you name it.  And don't forget, these little guys make perfect gifts...for you to send us. What??? 

All we're saying is that you'd be wise to order early;  we've got a feeling these comic book quadruplets will fly, swing, and run off store shelves in flash. Treasure Seekers Gifts has all four heroes on sale at a great pre-order price. Check them out online [here].

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