15 May 2010

Abbracadabbling: Hiatus No More!

Yup, just as Stormin' Norman Osborne told ya, abbracadabbling is back after a short hiatus! Who knew we'd be gone? Not us, seriously;  the downtime was every bit unexpected and, in retrospect, most definitely needed.  Normie's the guy who gave us the vacation inclination, but since he also took his own advice and flew off to Oklahoma, we haven't been able thank him in person. Norm, we appreciate the words of wisdom. Just remember: it's all about moderation, dude.

Vacations are great (unless you're Norman), but there's no shortage of work once you're back. Good thing we love dabbling like we do, and we'll be doing a lot of it:  gigs of news, info, and just plain awesome to catch-up on and comicsblog  (if we can), and literally tons - tons - of new ideas and other wickedly cool stuff to bring ya over the next several days and well into the future.  Like what, you ask? In less time than it takes to say Viminarama, we'll begin Exploring Grant Morrison. It's gonna be one helluva trip-ass ongoing adventure, and you're all invited -- if you dare!  Or you can stick around and watch us navigate a mountain of Marvel movie news, or see if you can guess what Today's Top 5 Comics for Folks Who Don't Read Them are before we list 'em on the comicsblog.  Topping off all those goodies  is the return of all the comicsblog posts you've grown to know, love, and bookmark. And, we'll be sharing with all of you the reason for our break, too. 

So stay where you are or don't go far...abbracadabbling is back, and we're awesome. 

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