31 May 2010

DC's Wartime Titles Return to the Comic Book Battlefield In September

You're looking at our fave Darwyn Cooke's brilliant cover art for the first issue of WEIRD WAR TALES, one of five Silver and Bronze Age war comics that DC will be resurrecting this September. Making their plans known on their blog just in time for Memorial Day, DC will be also reviving OUR FIGHTING FORCES, OUR ARMY AT WAR, STAR-SPANGLED WAR STORIES, and G.I. COMBAT -- each as special over-sized one-shot from a host of top-pool talent. While none may have been as popular as , say, DC's SGT ROCK, the famous WWII-era character did make his first appearance in GI Combat #68 (1959), and it was Our Army At War that both launched the character into popularity and eventually was retitled as the Sgt Rock solo series.  Soldier over to DC's Source for the skinny on each book's creative team, and be sure to scout out our fellow blogger Star-Studded War Comics [here] for an in-depth look at this patriotic and often gritty genre of comics most of us know little about.

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